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How to Stage Your Luxury Home for Selling

In today’s technologically-controlled market, selling a home isn’t nearly as simple as placing an ad in the local paper. Buyers want to know everything from when the roof was last replaced to when the baseboards were dusted—and every tiny bit of information in between. And nowhere does this hold more true than when it comes to the luxury homes market. When it comes to selling a high-end home, there are even more steps to take in order to properly market the home for sale.

If you’re thinking of selling your luxury house, the first step is to find an experienced realtor team to guide you through the process. Selling a high-end home comes with a few extra steps to take to help ensure you’re selling your home for its full value. While the personal touches and specialized finishes appealed to you and your family when you bought or built the home, all of those specific features may not appeal to other buyers. In order to find the balance between personal touches and a blank canvas, the first step in preparing luxury homes for sale should be a thorough decluttering, to include minimizing items on shelves and in closets, storing non-seasonal items and most of your personal decor, and getting rid of general clutter. An open, airy feel will help buyers feel the space and the value of the home, and clearing out every room of unnecessary items will help buyers more easily be able to picture their own home goods in the home.

Once your home is free of clutter, the next step is to ensure every space has a purpose. In low- and mid-range homes, buyers will be looking for a bit more flexibility in each space. A room may be a bedroom, an office, a craft space, a playroom, an exercise space, or any combination of these needs. In luxury homes, however, part of the demand for space is some level of expectation that there will be space enough to give every room its own purpose, rather than making it share. So, now that you’ve decluttered your home, it’s time to ensure each room and open space has some level of designated purpose to show buyers how easily your home can be lived in and everything that can be done. Staging can, when done appropriately, help maximize the sale price and reduce the time a home sits on the market. At this high of a price tag, cutting down time on the market can be key to selling for the highest price.

Staging a luxury home should tell a story with a single sweep of a potential buyer’s gaze. In a large, open kitchen, the staging should not only show a buyer that they can cook a full holiday meal in that space; it should also show how easy entertaining can be. If there is an outdoor grilling space, set it up for a summer barbecue. If there is a home office, set up the space with more than a basic Ikea desk and chair; instead, take the time to stage it with a cozy seating area, a full-sized desk, and any other accoutrement to show what can be done with the space. At homes for sale in this range, staging is more than putting a few pieces of furniture in an otherwise empty home. Every detail is important, right down to the decor chosen and how the dining room table is set. The staging should give each room a designated purpose so buyers can see just how easy it can be to not just inhabit the home, but to live a full and rich life there.

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