How to Sell Your Home and Sell It Fast

    No one wants their home to sit on the market for weeks, months or years, but it’s all too often a reality for sellers. While there’s little you can do about the pace of the market in your area, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your home has the best chance of being picked first by potential buyers. What should you know?

    The Price Is Right

    In a buyer’s market, you don’t have the power to command whatever price you want. Buyers have tons of selection and they have the ability to outwait sellers until the price comes down. Resist the urge to set your price too high. Ask your realtor for advice concerning pricing, and then actually listen to those recommendations. Your realtor is the professional here, and he or she knows pricing. Make sure your price is right from the start. Don’t price high and then hope to haggle down.

    Update What Matters

    Think that all home upgrades and updates are the same? They’re not. Make sure you’re updating what matters most to buyers – your kitchen appliances, the paint inside your home, the exterior siding and the like are all important considerations. You can also safely invest in landscape upgrades. You should avoid things with low return on your investment, such as additions or finishing out your basement, though.

    Flexibility in Showing

    Homebuyers have to visit properties when they have downtime. That means they’ll be interrupting your daily life in a number of ways. Be flexible and accommodate weekend visits, early morning visits and nighttime visits. These are the three most likely times for homebuyers to pay a call, so be prepared.

    Follow these three tips and the advice of your realtor, and your home stands the best chance of selling quickly.


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