How to Help the Kids Adjust After Moving

    When you are getting ready to move, it can be a very exciting time. However, there is also the chance that it can be a bit sad and confusing for the children in the family. Kids thrive on routine, and a move is anything but normal for them. They are worried about going to a new school, making new friends, and whether they will like their new house and new town. You can do some things to help make the move easier though.


    The first thing that you should do is make sure that you have plenty of information about the new place where you will be living. Talk with your children about all of the positive things that the move will offer. Help them do their own research and find some things that they might enjoy doing once they arrive. For example, Grand Junction has some great parks and playgrounds that the kids might enjoy, not to mention some fun dinosaur attractions that are nearby.


    Make the child’s new room a special place, and let him or her have a hand in the decorating. Once you arrive, spend some time with the children exploring your new area. After they see all of the possibilities it offers, they should be more welcoming to the change. However, you don’t want them to forget their old friends either. The kids can keep in contact with their old friends and family through email, social networks, the phone, and plenty of other ways.


    Even though a move might be a very confusing time for many children, as long as you continue to point out the positives and strive to make the move as easy as possible, they will do fine. Just keep in mind that it might take some children a bit longer to adjust than it does others.



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    • Sally Rampling

      Written on

      Thank you for the advises! Although I’m a professional mover, moving my own home is not the ideal situation. My daughter is ten and she looks very confuse of all this. The lat time we moved she was four and very excited. I found your article very helpful and I hope to handle properly and to take best care of my girl’s feeling. Thank you for sharing! Greets, Sally from 🙂


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