Home staging: Let your buyers see themselves at home

    First impressions are so important.

    When a potential home buyer walks into your home, she needs to picture herself curled up on the sofa over by your fireplace, making dinner in your kitchen and watching the kids play in your backyard.

    That’s an uncomfortable feeling, isn’t it? Someone else, all of a sudden, making your home their home.

    But that’s what we do when want to buy a home. We walk through each home and imagine ourselves building a new life there.

    Home staging makes it easier on the buyer. A clean, organized house doesn’t just convince a buyer to decide on your home, but it can also increase the amount she wants to pay.

    Now who doesn’t like that idea? Time to bust out the dust rags!

    But home staging is more than breaking out the mop bucket and clearing away the clutter.

    It’s about making your home look larger, brighter and inviting. You want every potential buyer to walk through the door and visualize themselves living there, forming an immediate emotional attachment to the place you’ve put so much love and care into.

    We have several excellent professional home stagers here in Grand Junction, Colorado.

    Or, you can try it out yourself.

    Do it yourself

    Here are some easy tips for staging your home:

    1. Clean it up: It’s time to clean every square inch of your home. Get rid of the dust balls under the entertainment center, wipe down every shelf and scrub the grout in the shower. You want your house at its sparkling best. (And you know how judge-y people can be!)

    2. Remove the personal items: If a buyer needs to see herself living in your home, she can’t be distracted by pictures of your life and your family, the kids’ sports trophies or the fridge art.

    3. Downsize: Make the rooms of your home look more spacious by removing extra furniture pieces and knick-knacks.

    4. Lighten up: Try beefing up the wattage in your light fixtures (only to safe levels, of course) and throw open the curtains. A brighter space is warmer and more welcoming.

    5. Tidy the kitchen: I don’t know about you but the kitchen is my favorite room in the house. I feel so creative and free when I’m cooking. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, too, and so you have to ensure that room is clean, clear and clutter-free. Tuck away small appliances and kitchenware and let your buyers see how much space they have to create.

    6. Paint a coat or two: Home buyers prefer neutral colors. They want to see homes where they can start from scratch. Bold colors like bright red and dark green can turn them off, giving them the idea they have a lot of work to do before they can move in and feel at home. Tone it down a bit and go with white and beige tones to sell your home.

    Most importantly, on the day of your open house or walk-throughs, bring in some fresh flowers, turn on all the lights and throw open all the curtains. If it isn’t the dead of winter in Grand Junction, you can always open some windows to let in some air, too.

    It will give your potential buyers a chance to see a place they can call home.

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