Going Green

    Energy Star homes are not only a great idea to keep the environment all clean and livable, but it also lightens the load on your pocketbook both immediately and down the road.  Not to mention, if you ever wanted to sell or rent your property, the enhancements you make in going green to your home can do nothing but up its’ value and intrigue buyers who don’t want to go through the motions of upgrading themselves.  A home that uses less heat, electricity, water etc. only adds long-term value to your home because it lowers the day-to-day costs of living in it.  Here are some tips and ideas on going green in your home, which you can get more of by signing up for our newsletter at our website.  If you have any specific questions or situations you need expert advice, an Eco Broker from our team will be happy to answer and assist you.


    1) Low-Flow Toilets


    Though water is something we here in Grand Junction Colorado and other cities within modernized, first-world countries take for granted, the day that we run out of it will be crippling in ways we can’t imagine.  Not only does a Low-Flow Toilet use less than half of the normal water-flow per flush, but in new homes being built in some areas they are required to be installed by law, particularly in areas with limited water supply already.  The amount of water used per regular toilet flushing can range from 5-6 gallons per turn, and with a low-flow toilet you are only using around 2.  Though it’s not a substantial amount of money saved, it’s one small tweak to your home you can make that not only adds up, but does it’s part in conserving the resource for more immediate and demanding things such as laundry or bathing.  You can find a great study on the importance of water to the US economy here.


    2) Green Insulation


    It’s amazing what you can use to re-insulate your home, from hemp, sheep wool, even shredded jeans.  There are many alternatives to the traditional pink fiberglass insulation we’re so used to seeing that you can get really creative here and not only use more natural and healthier materials but recyclable ones as well.  Other proven methods of alternative green insulation include Aerogel, the Rolls-Royce of home insulation, cotton, which doesn’t contain formaldehyde, Icynene, which is made from castor oil and is sprayed on or Rigid Polystyrene which doubles to improve the overall stability of your home.  Give us a call or an email and we can help you to determine what green insulation is most suitable for your home and budget.


    3) Digital Thermostat


    This one may seem like an obvious one but it’s also a very easy and affordable option to ensure not only that you have constant total control over the heat in your home but that you are not wasting it and using energy when you don’t need it or aren’t home.  For example, by programming a thermostat to heat your home when you are sleeping or just as you’re headed off to work can save you a lot of money over time and it isn’t as demanding on your furnace or heating equipment round the clock.  It is estimated that 56% of our energy usage in our homes comes from heating and cooling it alone, so think long-term about not just a thermostat, but adding things such as a ceiling fan or alternative energy stove for maximum savings on both your bank account and the environment.


    Whatever your situation, whether you are looking for new ways to save money or improve your home or if you’re looking to add value to your property before you sell it, Christi Reece Real Estate Group can help you in identifying both practical and longer-term investments to make thanks to our specialty-trained Eco Brokers who are happy to assist you.  For more green tips and the best real estate news in the Grand Junction area, please  sign up for our newsletter.

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