Checking a Realtor’s Credentials

    Whenever you hire somebody to handle a large financial transaction, you can be sure that anybody who performs the services you need is going to have a lot of letters after their name and will use membership in professional associations as part of their advertisement. When you’re looking for realtors, it’s important to understand how to determine whether a realtor is really qualified to sell your home.


    Realtors generally belong to their local Association of REALTORS, and that is always a good sign. It means that they are a member of a trade organization in good standing, that they receive adequate training to do their job and that they are probably quite involved in the local real estate market.


    Make sure that any realtor you engages a member of their local Association. This is the single best way to make certain that you are dealing with a licensed, competent individual.


    Some realtors have specialty qualifications. For example, they may have some sort of certification as an interior designer, they may have the qualifications to work as a building inspector or other qualifications that they bring to the table as a real estate agent. If you see letters after their name and you don’t know what they mean, look them up. See what this person is really an expert in.


    When you meet the realtor, ask them questions about themselves. Ask about their background, how they got into real estate, why they stay in real estate, and other questions that give you some idea of the person behind the real estate business. This can be a great way to build your confidence in an agent and to help you understand what they can likely do for you better than other agents might be able to do. With a little investigation, you can know your agent much better and have more faith in their ability to help you find your home.


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