Avoiding Some Common Real Estate Mistakes

    Anyone can end up in a situation where they make a bad decision about real estate. Imagine you’re looking around Grand Junction and you find the house that you think was made just for you. You start envisioning yourself living in the house, picturing how you would change it and how you would make it your own. Before you know it, you’re involved in a bidding war with another buyer and you’re both offering way too much for the house. You’re paying for your dream, rather than realizing that you’re buying a house.

    There are myriad mistakes that can result from getting too attached to a home. One of the jobs of your realtor is to make certain that you are making good decisions. They don’t tell you which house to buy, of course, that’s completely up to you, but they will let you know if you’re starting to offer bids on a home that really are quite high given what you’re getting. Because Colorado is in a sellers’ market right now, it’s easy to make these mistakes. Sellers have the advantage, so bidding wars are likely on many properties.

    Don’t get too attached to any home that you are looking at. Your realtor will likely drive you around and show you many different homes. The realtor is absolutely not expecting you to decide on a home on the same day that they drive you around. This is a big decision, they expect you to take some time with it and, even though people sometimes do find their dream home at random on a drive around town with their real estate agent, agents aren’t expecting this. Take your time and don’t get too attached to your own dreams when you are buying a home. Your realtor will be able to explain to you the business aspects of the deal and that gives you a real advantage compared to always following your heart.


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